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I long to share my heart with you

I long to be honest

to be vulnerable

I long to share with you completely

I long to be accepted and honored

for who I am

I long to know you as you truly are

in your ecstatic grace

in your darkest hour

this is the longing of one who knows

who knows the meaning of grief

the meaning of sorrow

one who knows the bliss of total happiness

of feeling like everything is amazing

and all of life is just amazing

and painful

and sad

and all of this at once

this great soup of human emotion

swirling around inside of everyone

inside of everyone

it is


of everyone

I know this

and you know this

so why are we all hiding from one another?

why are we all trying to look good to the others

why are we all so fucking worried about what everyone else thinks

or is it just me?

deep down at the core of my being

I simply want to be

I simply want to be your friend

I want to hear you

I want to see you

I want to know what you are thinking

and what you are feeling

I want to help make your dreams come true

I want to be the voice of reason

your cheerleader

your muse

your inspiration

and your audience

deep down

I just want to be

I just want to be

with you

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